How it Works

How to Get Rooted

Create your account

Rooted is proud to offer door to door delivery service. In order to make this happen, we need your home address! We ask that you create an account so that we don't have to ask you every time you place an order, and so that we can get to know you. Note that Rooted Foods Co. currently only delivers to addresses with a K7L postal code, in Kingston, Ontario. We have started small, but we look forward to bringing our services to communities across Ontario in the near future!


Place your order

Browse our wide selection of locally sourced products, and choose the ones that suit you best. Once you're ready, place your order and wait for a confirmation e-mail.


Check your e-mail

This e-mail is very important. It will tell you when our delivery truck will be in your area to drop off your groceries.



Receive your groceries, right at your door

Our delivery truck will show up right to your door. We ask that you try to have somebody home at this time, as we prefer to make the delivery face to face. If you cannot be home at this time, we will either leave the groceries on your doorstep, or bring them to a designated pick-up location. Your preference can be specified during the checkout process.