About Rooted

Why get rooted?

It's Convenient. 

You’re sick of walking to the grocery store in sub-zero temperatures, sorting through mediocre products sourced from countries that you can’t even pronounce, and waiting in line ups just to fulfil the basic need - food.

It's Affordable.

Local does not have to be expensive. When you are on a budget, something has to be sacrificed. For many students that sacrifice is food quality.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products at a price that won't break the bank. Oh, and did we mention that we deliver them to your door for FREE?

It's Local.

Our roots are local and will stay that way as they continue to grow. Our products are sourced from over 70 producers within a 150km radius of Kingston. When you buy local, you are supporting your community, reducing your carbon footprint, and improving your health.


How we are doing it.

You browse our delicious menu, add items to your cart, and finish with a quick checkout process. Orders are processed every Sunday at midnight, and our delivery truck makes it’s rounds on Friday.

Our Squad

We are three undergraduate students working hard to make your university experience just that much better.


Jason Hawkins

Vancouver, BC

Hailing from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Jason left his hometown to study Commerce at the Queen's Smith School of Business.
Before University, Jason spent a year working as a deckhand in Australia and exploring the countries and cultures of SE Asia. Jason recognizes the importance of business in solving the social and environmental issues of today, and is looking forward to seeing a healthier and more sustainable Queen's community.


Graham Stirling-Moffet

Ottawa, ON

Raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Graham splits the majority of his time pursuing dual degrees in Commerce and Computer Science at Queen's University, and enjoying the Canadian outdoors. He passes the summer months teaching white-water canoeing, leading white-water rafting trips, and guiding canoe trips in remote areas of Canada’s North.
His passion for the outdoors has helped him develop a heightened level of environmental awareness, and the prospect of a more environmentally friendly community is very exciting to him. He aims to promote health and sustainability through Rooted Foods.


Nick Harrison

Ottawa, ON

Nick was born and raised in centre town Ottawa with his two younger brothers. Nick spent his formative years cross country skiing and trail running in the Gatineau hills, at camp on the shore of Lake Vernon and in Algonquin park leading canoe trips.
Nick spends the summers planting trees in BC and wants to devote his life to keeping snow on the mountains and fish in the sea by working to adopt and encourage a more balanced and sustainable way of life.